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Acqua alta is the term used to describe the periodic flooding that occurs in Venice. This is caused by a combination of high tides and strong winds, which can push the water level up several feet in a matter of hours. While acqua alta can occur at any time of year, it is most common in November and December. Flooding in Venice's main piazza.

Bear in mind that a high tide of 80 cm or more will mean aqua alta in Piazza San Marco. When tides reach 100cm or more there is likely to be some disturbance in other parts of the city and the passarelle will be set out ready for use. The sirens for more widespread disruption do not sound until 110cm is predicted.

Long-term weather forecast Ca'' dell''Ora Alta - ten days weather forecast.

Combined with the present rate of sea level rise, ~3mm/y, this leads to ever more critical conditions for the possibility of flooding. With half of the city now no more than 80 cm above the present mean sea level and a tidal spring excursion of about 1 metre, any small surge will imply flooding in large parts of the city.

Of the 6 Alta Via's that you can find in the Dolomites, the Alta Via's 1 and 2 are by far the most popular and, moreover, the most favored hut-to-hut walking tours in Italy. On you'll find both and our trekking specialists agree on one thing unnanimously: the Alta Via 2 is the most strenuous. Are hut-to-hut treks new to you?.

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The tower, constructed in 1970 some 15 km off the coast of the Venice lagoon (see Fig. 1 for its location), was named Acqua Alta, which is the Venetian expression for the events of flooding. The instrumentation and the related analysis cover, besides coastal engineering related studies of wind, water levels and waves, also biological, chemical, optical and atmospheric.

Venice’s worse-case scenario for sea level rise by the end of the century is a startling 120 centimeters (3 feet, 11 inches), according to a new study published by the European Geosciences Union. That is 50 percent higher than the worse-case global sea-rise average of 80 centimeters (2 feet, 7.5 inches) forecast by the U.N. science panel. VENICE, Italy (AP ... above sea level, the highest flooding since 1966. The forecast for Sunday was for the high water mark to reach 1.6 meters (5.2 feet) ... “Lots of acqua alta,.